• Longines FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping of Hungary CSIO 5* 2018

  • Longines FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping of Hungary CSIO 5* 2018
    ifj. Szabó Gábor és Timpex Bölcsész

  • 2017 Varsó
    ifj. Szabó Gábor and Timpex Bölcsész

  • 2016 Budapest CSIO
    ifj. Szabó Gábor and Timpex Bölcsész

  • CSIO Budapest 13. vsz. Nagydíj
    ifj. Szabó Gábor


Ifj. Szabó Gábor és Timpex Bölcsész megismételte a megismételhetetlent

A budapesti 2019-es CSI***-W GRAND PRIX Nagydíj győztesei, egyedüli dupla hibátlan pályával. Gabó immár háromszoros, Bölcsész kétszeres Nagydíj győztes!


The breeder of the year: TIMPEX STUD – NYÍREGYHÁZA

A ménesben tenyésztett Timpex Bölcsész a magyar bajnokságon öt pályán hibátlanul teljesített, majd ezt a teljesítményt az 5*-os CSIO Nemzetek Díja második pályáján is megőrizte, hozzájárulva ezzel a magyar válogatott második helyezéséhez. Timpex Bölcsész a tryoni világbajnokságon az elődöntőben legjobb magyar lóként az élmezőnyben végzett.


Ifj. Szabó Gábor kétszeres magyar bajnok

Történelmi siker született, hiszen a minden nap első helyen végző Ifj. Szabó Gábor hibapont nélkül zárta az öt pályából álló bajnokságot, amire eddig még sosem volt példa.



Gábor Szabó Jr. on Timpex Bölcsész scored ...

4 penalties in the first round and finished clear in the second.



Gabor Szabo Jr. and Hungarian mare Timpex Bölcsész...

bred and owned by Istvan Tarbaly did not let their fans down finishing almost one second faster than two times olimpic rider Vladimir Tuganov (Russia).



The breeder of the year: TIMPEX STUD – NYÍREGYHÁZA

The breeding activity of a family in Nyíregyháza is almost incomparable in Europe. Timpex Stud has bred Coral, participating in the Olympic Games, Cent, participating in the world championship, Cabalé, participating in the European championship and Centes, who won the world championship of young horses. But in 2017, Timpex Bölcsész, whose mother and father were also born in the Stud, acquired reputation for Hungary. After training in Hungary, the 12-year-old chestnut mare got to Omaha, USA, where she did well in the final of the World Cup. István Tárbály and the group of his sons deserved the most prestigious award of the Hungarian Equestrian Federation this year again.

Hungarian Anthem was played in Gábor Szabó Jr.’s honor for the third time

Only 38 riders out of the competitors of Silver Tours could fulfil the 130 cm high course without any faults and Gábor Szabó Jr. was the fastest again with Timpex Emlék repeating his Friday’s win.

Gábor Szabó Jr. and Timpex Bölcsész are in top form

Gábor Szabó Jr. rode outstandingly in the 140 cm high, fault converted event of the Gold Tour. He won the award of the National Riding Hall with more than three seconds advantage with his primary horse, Timpex Bölcsész.

Superiority of Timpex in the Hortobágy Derby

On the 1st day, Gábor Szabó Jr, currently the best rider of Hungary, won the first and the second place with the two horses of Timpex Stud (Nyíregyháza), named Gerle and Emlék, while Kristóf Szotyori Nagy won the third place with the eight-year-old bay named Timpex Fegyenc, who was also bred in the Timpex Stud.


Gábor Szabó Jr. had two victories in the CSI *** category, once with Timpex Ezüst in the 135 cm high middle round and with Timpex Emlék in the 135 cm high hunting race.

Hungarian Anthem was played after the bronze, silver and gold tour in Romania

Fast and faultless in the CSI*** 140 cm high big round, Gábor Szabó Jr. could win with his best horse, Timpex Bölcsész.

Hungarian Anthem in Bulgaria

Hungarian Anthem has been played today in Bojurishteben in the CSI**-W event of show jumping World Series. Gábor Szabó Jr. performed the fastest faultless in the today’s fault converted event.

Gábor Szabó Jr. has ridden his way into the American World Cup Final on Timpex Bölcsész

"Gábor Szabó Jr. has achieved amazing success in the World Cup Final of the Central and Eastern European league in Warsaw. Our selected jockey has won the first day’s hunt racing on Timpex Bölcsész, then reached the finish and took eighth place in both the 150 cm semi-final and 155 cm final with four penalty points." http://dijugratoszakag.hu


"... the equestrian sport will never forget what the world has seen in only 43 seconds. The yellow mare and our boy in red jacket finished without fault with engineering precision and the speed of a spacecraft, achieving legendary victory. http://dijugratoszakag.hu

Gábor Szabó Jr. and Timpex Bölcsész CSIO Budapest 2016 KAP Grand Prix comparison


The dreams came true in Nemzeti Lovarda

"... our boy, Gábor Szabó Jr. has come with his loyal partner Timpex Bölcsész and knocking off the first obstacle in the two jumps, flew like a rocket and finished with 39.52 seconds. www.szszbm-lovassport.hu


"Olomouc’s royal duo
Gábor Szabó Jr. -Timpex Bölcsész"


"Timpex Cent on the peak..."
      Pegazus Equestrian Magazine


Pride of the Hungarian show jumping sports: Timpex Cent


In the comparison, a single show jumper, the Hungarian Gábor Szabó Jr. was able to ride without fault, and finished in the first place.
The jockey of Timpex Ménes of Nyíregyháza wrote sports history, which gives enormous strength to the Hungarian equestrian sport’s next period.